Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jan 17

Fourth day of freedom... I should probably start working soon. Maybe Monday. Not quite ready to start tomorrow yet.

In about 20 degree weather, an EMS/WF/Marshalls/CalendarStore and random others run. I did a Baklava sort of thing with the Survivor Buff because the air was cold to breathe in. Splits: 9:56 (tow), 4:25 (tree), 4:18 (hill), 4:30 (bridge), 2:57 (store), 3:15 (bridge), 9:34 (tree), 4:07 (tow), 10:08 (2d) - total: 53:17.
Cumulative Total: 19.5 + 1 (fc) + 6.2 + 6.2 = 32.9.

I was cold, tired, and hungry. Very hungry. At WF, I got Salmon Salad (cold salmon, evoo, basically) and Wheatberries with bits of greens, evoo, cashews. Oooh, I also tried a Clif Shot Blok that I saved from the Philly 1/2. It was delicious and 30Cal (50% complex carb, 50% simple carb). After I finished it, my stomach was a bit uneasy. Maybe only because it's 2 months old, left in the air (wrapped up in a race flyer). I think it was the Strawberry flavor. The other one I still have is Black Cherry w/ 50mg caffine (per 3 bloks, whereas a cup of coffee is 80mg).
After the run, I had an incredibly delicious bowl of microwaved (that's the secret to multiplying the deliciousness by 5) brown rice + soymilk. Heating it releases incredible new flavors - maybe the vanilla in the bit of vanilla soy milk I added. I also had blood orange black tea.
Then, an hour later, I had a big dinner. 2 slices of WW/EB Savory Sweet Potato Pie; Stir-Fried Broccoli, Carrot, Sweet Potato; Tofu; Veggie & Egg Bake (whole eggs - I made an exception after today's tough workout)

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