Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feb 3

I wore a cotton long sleeve tee today during a snowy run. Mistake. I got wet as the snow would melt, and then I stayed wet. Being wet makes you feel cold.

The sights of the tow path were absolutely gorgeous, though. God is an incredible artist, working with mediums as big as mountains and as small as delicate snowflakes.

I had amped up an otherwise slow and inefficient ulty practice by doing line jumps, 6 inches, planks, and pushups last night. I still managed to keep up a decent pace. The ground was slushy/snowy, too. The traction wasn't ideal, since with each step you'd slip back half a centimeter as you tried to push forward.

Splits: 9:33 t, 4:24 p, 4:02 h, 4:18 b, 2:55 wm, 5:15 long b, 4:54 h, 4:32 p, 4:34 t, 9:52 2. It looks like I blazed through the first 5K! Total: 54:22.

Cumulative mileage: 58.6+5 (track)+6.2 = 69.8.

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