Monday, October 11, 2010

Oct 11

Oh man, missed realizing it was 10/10/10 when it was 10/10/10. I had made note of it like 2 weeks ago, but yesterday was just so exciting and not requiring dates that I missed it.

Anyway, today, did a trial of a gym. Fancy equipment, although with TV screens right in front of you, your eyes have no choice but to stare at the screen, on top of all the screen time I get during the day. They had some fancy twists on equipment, though. The bike lets you simulate a race, including steering with the handlebars. There's even a game mode where you collect coins and run into dragons.

The treadmill has a little picture of a 5K course... ended up being just watching a mark travel around the path, rather than making it look like you're actually running through a trail.

The elliptical-stair machine combo was nice, but I didn't use it for long b/c I had been going for 2+ hours by then. It links up to you iPod and lets you view videos/mp3s on the screen.

So my workout...
Bike, 2.9mi (hills), in 10:30ish
Run, 3.1mi (1 degree), 8:00/mi steadily, 24:48
Run, Hill training, 2.9mi, 8:34/mi, 25:00, level 15-20.
Bike, 6.3 mi (not sure if I believe), 20:00
Elliptical, 6 min stair elliptical, 10% incline, level 12.
Strength scattered throughout... rope climbing, box jumps (useless), 20-15 clapping pushups, roman chair, declined situp bench, deltoid pressups, pushupy pressouts, rows, hula hooping, pullups, stretching. Also got a hydromassage... water shoots up with a lot of pressure against a bed you lie on. I had to press down on my legs to keep the pressure, b/c otherwise, the water would just push them up. My hammies were waaaay too ticklish, and I had to essentially raise them up whenever the water went that way. Felt nice on my back and butt, though. Calves somewhat, but the pressing thing.

Had a banana, protein powder, and part of a grapefruit after the bulk of the workout. Got some good volume in by cross training. The bike made it really easy. A sitting-up bike is better than a recumbent bike... maybe it's just that my apt fitness room's recumbent is slightly misaligned... dunno.

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