Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oct 19

Yesterday, 1 hr on the bike, covered 15.1 miles. Used it to work out tight hammies. Due to wacky alignment of the bike (and maybe me), top left ankle got crammed a bit. Right hammie got a little cramped. Eh... not a chronic issue, so not too concerned.

Today, the Kinvaras came. Tried it in 3.1 in 24:46, 7:59 ave. After mile 1, took small steps, making a different kind of workout. Had to do it b/c my left calf and achilles have been tight. Got a little better yesterday, but aggravated somewhat again today. Maybe should give it a rest, but optimistically hoping it can somehow get worked out on its own. Hmm... can feel a knot. Been icing, but probably need to ice more.

Splits> 8:02, 8:02, 7:55, 0:46.

Shoes... super light, as if I'm not wearing shoes. Toebox is too big. Different feel. Clunkier than I would've thought for minimal shoes. Light though. We'll see. Didn't put arches in, so that I know what the raw shoe is like. Most ppl who reviewed it online have average arches. We'll see how my low ones do.

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