Saturday, October 30, 2010

RACE REPORT: Spinx Half Marathon


Way beyond my expectations... 1:36:01!!!

Temps were ideal (maybe a wee bit cooler would've been super ideal, but this was great), from 41 to 53 during the race. It wasn't too crowded. The hills slow you down, naturally, but that just means that I am capable of even more. The music helped a lot, to keep my mind off of the effort, although it did cause me to not concentrate as much on always taking perfect tangents, but that might've happened anyway due to tiredness. Roads were pretty cambered at times, but you deal with it. The Kinvaras were great -super-light and a sure factor in my speed, although at one point, I could tell that it was perhaps a little too flexible, making my arches have to work harder to stay rigid to push off. I also imagined that I could feel the lugs of the shoes at times, but maybe it was in my mind. My right knee got a little out of wack a couple of times, but nothing as bad as the last half, where I had to limp along slowly for a bit. I took a coffee-flavored Hammer gel at mile 4.5, which was good for the caffine boost and sugar, and it was good to have water at mile 5 to wash it down. I held pace for the first half compared to others around me and was doing some passing in the second half. I thought I had gone out way to fast, which was easy to do considering the goal times I was pursuing (~1:42), but it was okay. Haven't analyzed the splits yet and probably can't do it very well, because the first half was mostly downhill, and the second half was mostly uphill. Very happy with how things went, though. I only got tired in the last mile and maybe didn't push as hard as I could've. I think shaving off another minute would've been possible, but this went better than my wildest expectations. My mom came to watch, and I had given her a minimum time of 1:38, but I was just being overly optimistic, with a reasonable yet still optimistic estimate of 1:42 as the expected expected, and a 1:45 as the upper end, with an acknowledgement that something like 1:48 would also be possible. But man, 1:36. Phew. That's a 7:20 average pace!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrote out notes on my number, but I ended up not looking at them and didn't really need them, since I had basically memorized the map, with its elevation changes, the mile markers, water stops, roads, and everything.

Splits> 7:05 (see what I mean by too fast of a start?... I was used to racing 5Ks, since I've done 7 of them in the past 8ish months, so I kind of headed out with that effort), 7:17, 7:14, 7:04, 7:30, 7:40, 7:31, 7:22, 7:29, 7:33, 7:18, 7:18, 9:18 for 1.1.

My quads were cramping up a wee bit post-race, but a fairly strong cool-down run of ~1 mi helped. Now stretching. Good post-race food selection : turkey sandwiches on whole wheat :), oranges, bananas, grapes, pineapple, pumpkin bread (did not partake)... all good stuff.
2/72 for the 20-24 age group for women.
13/713 for the women.
69/1304 overall.

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