Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oct 7

Knee issues today at work... is it the new shoes? the jumping during bball? mileage accumulation? Tried to run today, in the n3's w/ my new Spenco insoles, but my knees were too banged up. Some shin bone issues and medial knee general banging.

So I biked instead. Good, b/c I got in some interval work, wasn't hard, which is a good sign. Oh, forgot to look at the mileage, but it was a 45 min session. 10 min warmup, then 30 min of alternating [3min on (18.5-19.0mph), 1 min off (13.3mph), 3min on, 2 min off], 5 min cooldown after last 3 on. Didn't seem to sweat as much as normal. Watched The Office and then the 2nd half of Nikita. No water. Oxysox. Asics running singlet. Post 2 hr nap that was hard to wake up from.

Felt better afterwards, with the increased circulation. We'll see if my knees are any better tomorrow. TA's still tender (2nd day in a row... issue has popped up again).

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