Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oct 27, plus Spinx Half Hype 2

Last pre-race run! 2 rest days ahead. Need some serious recovery b/c I had a high volume week/weekend last week. It's tough to balance the need to continue training for a big goal while wanting to taper for purposes of a medium goal, when tapering maybe wouldn't hurt the big goal that much. Dunno.

My legs felt heavy today. Boo. Volume catching up with me. But at least not injured. I had rolled my right ankle a bit shooting hoops w/ little kids, but it seems okay, since I've rolled that guy so many times now. The shoes hadn't been tight enough and are kind of top-heavy b/c of the raised and unstable heel - it was the Paramount.

Last 5 days: 7.7 / 7.0 / 4.0 intervals / 45 min bike / 60 min strength. And now, 3.2. Very heavy. 2 rest days coming, though.

For my taper leading up to the Coutry Music Half, it was 8.8 + 15 min ulty / 60 min srength / rest / 2.8 / rest / 3.8 / rest / race. That's more like a taper. Aaah.

I should be okay, though. My right TA is a little sore. I may ice after I roll for a bit. The 3.2 was a progression run. Started a bit slower than normal (6.8mph), but ramped it up a lot along the way. Felt better to go faster. Run seemed to drag on for longer than normal, and I wanted to get it over with. Had just woken up from a nap. Not ideal sleep this week/past couple weeks. Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow would be the big sleep night... the night before the night before. Mom is visiting. Maybe watch Scared Shrekless then sleep long.

So 3.2 in 25:34, 7:59 ave. Oh, not that fast. Surprised. Okay. I wasn't pushing it, so it's okay. Wanted to keep it sane, to not do pre-race damage. Man, TAs gettin a little sore. Massage and ice are in order.

Splits> 8:41, 8:03, 7:30, (24:57), 1:18 for 0.2.

Listened to a podcast that is really good for race week. It was on mental strategies during the race and also the importance of recovery. What I've been doing with icing and rolling and fueling is good.

Race-day, some strategies I'll employ:
- Landmarks up ahead pulling me.
- Telling myself that I'm strong and light.
It's all about perceived effort... Central Governor Theory all the way.

Other stuff from personal experience:
- Imaging during the last stages that I still have a long ways to go, which allows me to relax and loosen up, saving energy.

Dunno yet if I'll use music. The podcast talked about dissociating, but I tend to be big on associating during races... LRs, dissociation is fine, since I'm a big podcast fan. But I am so zoned into mechanics and how I'm feeling during the race. Since the shuffle is so light, maybe I can bring it anyways.

Right after the nap, I was feeling very very blah... like getting sick or in need of vitamin B, and very tired. Dunno. Work? Training volume? Taper? (no... I have not been tapering like I should)

Felt better after the run, although I need to get these TAs calmed down.

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