Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oct 24

Rest day (or potentially recovery bike day) turned emergency run to de-stress turned intervals. Nice. My legs seem to be in that dreamy able-to-take-consecutive-days-of-decent-running mode. The last time I specifically remember this happening was in Pton in August, where I forced my legs into going consecutive days so that I could take advantage of the precious time I got to spend w/ LD there. It was hard, but my legs took it and grew stronger because of it. Same thing now, with 7.7, followed by 7.0+, and now 4.0 intervals.

Had a short but convicting/humbling conversation with a really good friend. Somehow, got into a self-pitying mode afterwards turned angry at myself and my life. I sound really roller-coastery, don't I? Kinda felt Hulk-angry, so I needed to blow off steam. No basketball court to shoot freethrows like I did once back in boarding school, no big open courtyard to throw a frisbee like I did in college, but there was the treadmill, and my legs were feeling surprisingly fresh, after being a little sore (rare) earlier today.

I was feeling great, so it turned into intervals. 1.5 warmup at a little less than 7.5mph, then 3x[1/2mi @ 9mph, 1/4mi @ 7.5mph], 0.25 cooldown. 4.0 in 30:02, 7:30 pace. Not bad, considering I wasn't going all out. Excited. Should be tapering for the half in one week, but 1) neeed the previous runs to keep things going for marathon training, 2) needed this one to get out emotions. I'll have to think through my training schedule for this week, in light of a commitment on Tuesday night. Maybe bike tomrrow, strength Tuesday, 6 Wed? 3 Thur? Maybe too much.

Oh, I ran sox-less, once again... 3rd day in a row. Maybe that's why I was sore. In any case, I used the Kinvaras today - maybe that's why I wanted to do intervals so bad. Felt good. Maybe I'll use it for the half. If it works there, why not the full? We'll see. 4.0 working fine in them... I could see 13.1 being a fair extension. Doubling that, though... anything could happen. We'll start with the half, if everything still looks okay then.

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