Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jul 29

Definitely a recovery run today. I slept 11 hours last night!!! I was tired. My eyes were tired at work. Not falling asleep, just worn out but had lots to do and just had to keep going. But I slept well last night and could've slept even longer. My joints have still been messed up. Running again today after 2 days ago's hard run was maybe notthe best idea, considering the joints. My inner left soleus has been strained, and my right TA flares up a little bit every now and then. Muscularly, though, I think there have been enzymatic or cellular changes or something. They feel like they could go strong for a long time, which is really encouraging. This run suggests otherwise, but they feel durable. I think the training effect has kicked in there. Research shows that joints and bones take much longer to adapt than muscles do, though. And my connective tissue issues support that.

So today's run. I probably would've been okay with another full rest day, given the relatively heavy load in the past 7 days. But I wanted to give it a try. I went 5.0 in 42:06, 8:25 ave. Splits> 8:42, 8:32, 8:34, (26:40... sloooow), 8:25, 7:51. Wore oxysox, 1224's w/ stab (felt very cushiony, maybe vs the n3's), tv. 83 degrees on 1 degree tread. Ehh... Had to be careful w/ the joint issues. It hurt a lot less to go faster than slower. I wonder how I'll fare in the 8:23-paced marathon (if I'm that lucky to go that fast)... I guess that's fast enough to feel okay. Maybe your joints get worked in different amounts when you go slower. I don't know.

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