Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jul 13

Sad... I wrote this up once before but don't know where it went.

And I'm too lazy to try to re-create more of a narrative, so here it is straight from my logbook, which I usually write up to summarize what I first blog.

1hr sleep last nite, 2 hr nap. Iced pre b/c pebbles. Surprised to go pretty fast. n3's w/ oxy, maybe cooler in gymtoday but not sure - maybe mostly just acclimatized. Splits> 7:55, 7:33, 7:17, 0:40. mp3 left arm. PT exercises usually seems to do wonders to fix aignment, pain issues even for next day run. Wonder why builds up and not overtaxes weaknesses. Look slim yet musclely , super tri-fit. Quads bigger ~70% max. Pebbles but managed w/ ice. Running actuallyhelped reduce pebbles!

3.1 in 23:26, 7:34 ave.

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