Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jul 21

Ohhhhh, too much chicken. Way too much chicken. Right before a run. Blaaaah. Not so much next time.

Since the Long run followed by the 3.3, my knees were kind of poundy, grindy, and my calves have had pointy knots in the upper center of them. But strength training seems to help, as always. Maybe the extra muscle (or extra swollen muscle) helps to cushion or provide extra structure, giving cartelidge or whatever a bit of a break. People call it "sore" knees, but how can knees really be sore, if there are no real muscles there. Are there muscles there? I guess a book would quickly tell me, but I don't feel like walking 20 feet and checking. There's google. Okay, there's some stuff at the back, but it's at the front where you feel poundy, so I don't get the term "sore". Swollen, though, yes. Ice feels good.

I took a much-needed total day of rest yesterday, which included a night of 11 hours of sleep, to make up for a 2.5 hour night followed by a 4 hour night. Blame work and Prison Break... mostly Prison break. I finished the entire series, though, so no more of that. Free at last, haha. I thought it would never end. Really.

So got back on the tread today, wondering how it would go since poundiness was still lingering. It went better than expected, though. No show-stopping issues on the run. Things were not 100%, but the main reason I stopped was just discomfort from too much chicken.

1 degree tread, 82 degrees. Wore Oxysox to help my painful (but not numb, thankfully... I guess) right TA, and 3n's w/ stab. 3.6 in 29:45, 8:16 ave. Splits> 8:26, 8:20, 8:16, (25:52 5K), 4:41 for 0.6. Good enough for a recovery run, I suppose. It may be tougher to get in miles this week, following last week's big numbers. I'm hoping for a 6 and a 4, but that may be a little optimistic. We'll see.

A good analogy for work is keeping many balloons up in the air. My job is to try to keep hitting whichever one is closest to the ground back up, and to try to hit as many others as I can back up while the one I just hit gradually starts to fall down again. And there just may be a big balloon coming down rather slowly but surely, and you just try not to think about it too much because there are many smaller balloons coming faster and closer to the ground to think about for now.

Lately, I've finished the day a lot wanting to buy myself something to reward myself. I pretty much never do because anything I'd want I already have. It would just be an extra of something or an upgrade. Or it's somthing like an mp3 player, which I have a loaner of for now, or a watch, which I have a broken one I can use for now, even if it's relatively more inconvenient. I did buy a watch, since I found a nice one 75% off. I'm a bit wary about the battery life on it, but I had a good experience with before, and since they're a big name seller, I trust that it must keep relatively new stuff in stock... unless of course it's clearanced like this. We'll see. It's an NYC marathon Timex IRONMAN watch. The NYC was... 9 months ago. Eh... it's ok. The broken one I have has a broken strap, but the watch part of it is more than 2 years old, probably, and still going strong.

I am getting a new office. I wonder how that'll shake things up. I'll get to know some people better. Wonder how work life is going to change. I've been in a relatively relaxed environment so far, not that I'm relaxed, but I don't know how these new guys will be.

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