Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jul 17

A somewhat memorable run today. Before the run, I slept from 3am to 10am, then I had another 4 hour nap later. I got to pay off a lot of the sleep debt from this week. I could've slept more after the nap, but I had been planning on an LR today, so that I could get out of the 7mi rut.

It was 90 degrees, sometimes overcast and sometimes sunny. I wore 3n's w/ stab, and sox, plus shades and a visor. I also carried about 12oz of Catalyst in 2 bottles of my Nike water belt, which was enough to keep me relatively comfortable hydration-wise in the 92 degree heat? I had a WW PB sandwich in the car right before the run. Maybe not the smartest thing, but I didn't mind the bit of extra energy boost. Wore a Garmin on my right wrist and my mp3 player on my left arm.

8.6 in 1:16:10, a PW for this course, but considering the heat, it's probably okay. Splits> 8:54 b, 6:18 p, 7:36 c, 7:39 p, 6:18 b, 6:24 p (the slowdown begins), 7:56 c, 8:03 p, 6:39 b, 10:17 (suuuuper slow vs. the 8:54 downhill heading out). 8:51 ave, which isn't bad.

So why it's memorable. On my way out, I noticed they had put out new sod, so the mixed dirt/grass that I used to run on was now heavily carpeted with sod. I tried to run by the water's edge, by the bit of dirt that was left, but my right foot got hooked on some sod netting that was sticking out, and FACEPLANT. It happens so fast, I guess since all of your forward running momentum gets transferred to rotational momentum around your stuck foot, bringing your body smack to the ground. Luckily, the landing felt pretty soft and was shaken off easily. I had some mucus built up, though, and it came out at the same time as the faceplant, so I was dirty and snotty... not pretty, haha.

The last 2 miles, it was somewhat cooler, but I was sooo tired. My quads/flexors were getting pretty tired. Was it from the downhill bits? Was it from the bit of extra distance? Was it different runnig form from what I've been doing on the treadmill, which kind of pulls you along rather than requiring you to push as much as you would on normal ground? All seem very plausible. It was difficult getting through those last 2, but somehow, I made it, surely but very slowly at the end. Score, for making it.

Postrun, refueled immediately w/ a peach, a protein shake, and lots (but not enough) water. I usually don't have much of an appetite until like an hour after a workout, but this time, I was ready for fuel. I did a lot of walking and gentle stretching, too. No major issues seen then. Once I got home, though, my left knee (that I messed up a bit doing the Step CD 3 days go) started bugging me, so I iced it. We'll see how it goes. My gear was all sooooo wet with sweat afterwards, nasty. The big plastic sheet I keep in my trunk is super handy for keeping my car clean[er].

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