Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aug 1

After 2 days of rest (besides a moderately strenuous but very slow 2.5 mi hike yesterday), I hoped for a good LR today, buttttt it didn't work out. My right knee wasn't 100% alined, and I was just really out of energy... not tired, just no strength. I ate a fairly sizeable dinner beforehand: almonds, flan, chicken, hummus, pita chips, and cabbage. Too soon before the run, I think. I've been doing hat a lot lately. My chest/heart hurts now when I breathe. It's happened more lately. It'll pass, though. I think it may be more food than exercise-related. Is that heartburn? It hurts when I breathe in air.

The run was slow. I thought it would go faster, since my legs should be fairly fresh. Maybe the hike did more than I thought? No idea. 3n's w/ stab. 81 degrees on a 1 degree tread. Sox.

4.o in 33:57, 8:29 ave. Splits> 8:34, 8:34, 8:40, (26:41 5k... verrry slow), 8:07.

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