Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2

Finally got to catch up on sleep this weekend. Didn't realize how low I was until now. Yesterday, a 3-mi walk to support MS. Then, went to Paris Mt w/ my dad for a 5-mi hike in decent overcasts weather. 1 mi mild, 1 mi steep, 2 mi downhill paved, 1 mi easy. Then, I went to bed at maybe 4 or 5pm. Then, I woke up at 6:30. It was a bit dark, maybe too dark for the pm, since sunset is at 8, but it had been overcast all day. So I checked my cell clock - am. Phew, slept a lot! Wanted to get a run in, since I've only had 1 all week, but my legs were still kinda sapped from tiredness. Was going to squeeze it in after church, since the park is on my way home, but the sun was out full-blast, and it was just too hot.

So I ended up taking a nap all afternoon... still so strangely tired. Then, at 6pm, ate, then went out. Usually I don't have too much of a problem with the eat-and-run. Maybe b/c of the heat, though (87 degrees), you could just feel it more. Not too bad. With the heat, the run just felt more laborious than usual. Wore Oxysox, short shorts, shades, sportsbra. 4.4 (surprisingly low this time) in 37:16, 8:28 ave, 357 Cal. Splits> 6:22 (0.71), 6:08 (0.72), 6:10 (0.73), 6:10 (0.73), 6:14 (0.72), 6:09 (0.73).

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