Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3

A mediocre run turned good. Almost didn't get out the door today. My TA was still giving me issues at work today but felt somewhat better after I tried to squeeze the trouble ligaments a bit to stretch it out. Who knows if that would've done any good. Anyway, I was tired after only 5ish hrs of sleep last night and then a bleh day physiologically. Tried to pump myself by reading some nice blog posts. It would've been okay if I hadn't run. With a 5K planned on Friday afternoon as a way to do quality speedwork (not expecting a PR b/c it'll be sooo hot), I'd run Wed and do strength tomorrow. Since I ran yesterday, it wouldn't be terrible if I skipped today. It'd also work out fine to run today, though. But I eventually got out the door, as it was drizzling outside.

Went out and started going. The TA started giving me a bit of pain a couple of miles in, but it didn't seem to get worse as time went on, so I just took it as a given and ran through it. Eventually, it disappeared, and I even got a second wind at mile 5. It was incredible. Things that seemed to help the TA issue was not overstriding in the least bit. I had to be pretty much landing right over my right foot to keep the pain down. At least that's the position I would be targeting anyways during sprints. It also helped to butt-kick pretty high. I seem to have trouble flexing the lower leg, so by lifting up, I can just let gravity pull the lower leg back down, and I don't have to use any muscles to flex the leg.

It went from being rainy to downpour to barely sprinkling, although besides the amount of puddle/river I had to run through, it felt pretty much the same to me b/c of the visor. Oh, sweet visor. My iPod died about 6 mi in, but luckily, it was just b/c of battery, and not b/c of sweat or rain, I think. Charging it up as I type. Wore Oxysox... great again, shadowpak, 1224's, soccer shorts, sportsbra. I was surprised to be able to run past the pain. It'll probably set in later, but ah well. I would normally say "live to run another day," but I just had to take advantage of the relatively cool and rainy weather... it's gonna be a painfully hot summer.

It was 7.3 in 1:05:00, 8:53 ave, acc to Garmin. I stretched it to 7.3 b/c I wanted to do an hour-long run. It felt like I ran a while, but it was only 7.3. Ah well, long isn't a bad thing. I got to slowly savor the run. 608 Cal. Splits> 6:36 (0.73), 6:29 (0.74), 6:25 (0.73), 6:29 (0.71), 6:33 (0.71) <<32:34>>, 6:33 (0.73), 6:37 (0.73), 6:29 (0.74), 6:29 (0.74), 6:15 (0.76)... def slower pace all-around. B/c of sloshy ground? Extra weight carried around in clothes and shoes? Tiredness from yesterday? Oh well, it felt good. My cardio system got a good workout... lungs were working it in the last couple laps.

Ate lots of watermelon afterwards... maybe too much, b/c it hurt to try to down miso soup w/ salmon afterwards... too full...
I had cookies beforehand. Not low-fat, but the sugar gave me the needed energy for a low-sleep day.

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