Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15

More on my sleep saga...
Went to bed at 1-ish, woke at 4ish (not sure why), and I remember my legs in general pain, and I remorsefuly thought "my goodness, why would anyone put themselves through so much agony by running through pain like this, it's sick!". Stayed up til 6ish, after eating oatmeal with milk and PB b/c I couldn't all back asleep. Got tired again and slept until 7-8am, when my dad called. Went back to sleep til 11am. So I think I got about 8 hrs total.

The saga continues, but now with a focus on gear...
Went shopping for food, shampoo, etc at Wm. Checked out the iPod touch and Zune in person. A couple week ago, in my 7 in the rain, I had thought that the shuffle had run out of batteries b/c the light said so, but it actually died kind of, maybe from a mix of rain and sweat. It had happned before (last time, 100% due to sweat), and after about a month and re-charges to heat it up, it started working again. I thought this time, it was as good as dead... could it be recussitated twice? It's a 1st generation shuffle. Probably don't see those much anymore, huh? It must be... at least 5 years old from when I first got it (refurbished, $30ish). Let's see... it came out in 2005... and now it's 2010... okay, 5 yrs old. I didn't really use it until a few years after I got it, so I wasn't aware of all its features (like rewind/ff by holding the next track / last track buttons) until pretty recently. Anyway, it's a great product and serves my needs, which are pretty basic. Nowadays, I only listen to running podcasts, so I don't care much about sound quality or even basic buttons. I use the volume controls often, since outside noises can vary a lot when you're close to traffic or people or moving water or wind, and since podcasts are often made up of different segments (some of which are recorded during peoples' runs, with portable mic's) clipped together, making volume levels variable. Other than that, if it plays and can withstand sweat and wet okay, it's good. But with now 2 recussitations and 5 years, I'm thinking about getting a new one. Mosty b/c I've gone through 3 headphones within a couple of months (the original headphones had lasted 5 years!!!), and I don't wanna end up spending more on headphones than it would cost to get an entirely new mp3 player. I can get a cheap one for $30... with much more memory and probably functions than my current one has. So I looked at and saw the iPod Touch and the Zune. I didn't really know what the Touch was before. Turns out that both of these enable free internet browsing (assuming you go to a wifi hotspot or have a password for whatever network happens to be in the area)! That's so cool! And it plays video, and the Zune has HD radio. And apps (far more options on the iPod than on the Zune, from what I understand). For the same price range, I could get either, but there are significant differences in pros/cons, that makes it tough to pick one over the other. So maybe I'll just wait until they come up with one that has all the features I want bundled into one. In the meantime, my dear shuffle is still holding up, so I don't mind using it some more.

Okay, back to my day. Took another nap after shopping... about 3 hours. Then, my dad called again and woke me up. Afterwards, I decided to go on the recumbent bike. My right butt is still knotted, and after the diaster at the end of yesterday's run, no way I'm running til that gets better. So biking, a long session, in place of an LR, which I can't do on land too often anyways. 90min, 705 Cal, 22.6 mi. It was nice. Went well. Sweat sooo much. I'm always surprised by how sopping wet I get. Start out dry, get pretty wet by 15 min, and stay like that for the next 1:15. Drank about 0.6 L of water throughout. Butt started out knotted, and the knot had grown by the end. Hurts to sit. Good workout, though. My heart was really working.

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