Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23

BRAVO, Lost!

6 hrs of sleep then a 2 hr nap later not quite enough... painful waking up, and it took me a while to get into a mode where I could even attempt a workout. Plan for the next few days, since I'll be traveling:

May 23: bike
May 24: short run
May 25: strength
May 26: travel
May 27: long run with a dear friend
May 28: dunno
May 29: ultimate
May 30: prob rest?
May 31: track workout

Anyway, it took about 12 min to go from 10mph to 13mph, but once I got going, it required less effort than previous bike sessions did, which is encouraging. Didn't even need water this time... wonder why. Didn't work as hard? Mph wise, not really. So maybe just physio changes have taken place. I ate an orange after the nap, but I got pretty hungry in the last 15 min. Oh yeah, the dist -26.2... probably the farthest I've ever biked. Took 1:58:00, 13.3mph. It's kind of interesting, that I bike about 2x faster tha I run. I think if I tried to run a marathon right now, it would be at about exactly half that pace.

Injurywise, not bad. Strange that I've been feeling pretty good recently. Yesterday, did the Jillian Michael's BFBM CD, double reps when I could stand it. Tiring, more than usual, since I guess I pushed it more than usual. Maybe I've been having kinks in my legs b/c I wasn't working some of those lat muscles lately, so it's good that I'm getting back into the JM and Step CD's, to provide a little x-training. Anyway, during the bike, the front of my left shin was somewhat strained in the last 20 min or so (not the TA, for once), but seems okay now.

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