Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apr 28

Back on the road...
First run since the half. Just looking forward to the run during work, I didn't mind if I took it easy, maybe not even running with a watch. Just ease back into it.

It's a bit relaxing to not have to worry so much about hitting all my runs. I can x-train now without worrying about compromising my next workout. I can work out without the risk of overdoing it, since I don't feel the pressure to perform at peak in every workout. I still couldn't wait to feel decent enough to run again, though, especially b/c I seem to have gotten back into a groove, where I feel like I could reasonably do a 13 or more without trouble again on demand, maybe once every other week. My leg feel kind of conditioned now, and it's nice. I just need to wait for my TA to get better.

Today, 4.6 or so in 37:06, 8:04. I'm still unsure of the exact distance of the loops on this course. Could be 4.8, whih would be 7:44... quite diff. We'll be conservative, though. Splits> 6:33 (stopped to avoid potential thorny vines, veered off course to drop off my tee), 6:12, 6:09, 6:09, 6:10, 5:50. Pretty good run, felt surprisingly good first couple loops. Second to last, though, severe pain in the rt TA, left over from the race. A fair bit better on the last loop - decided to squeeze that one in at the last second. Could've maybe done another one, but risk management is the name of my game now. Live to run another day.

Cool temps today, sox, shades, 4pocket.

Oh man, my weekly strength session yesterday, big diff. My adductors and abductors could do more reps than ever. Thought it would've been the opp, since they'd be tired, but they're as strong as ever. Something's off w/ my rt knee, though. A bit of misalignment maybe.

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