Monday, April 5, 2010

Apr 5

This weekend, I went camping. It was wonderful, like a vacation. It was nice getting to see my parents, too. Just being a kid is nice. We head out at 6am on Sat morning, but our original campsite at the Great Smokey Mountains National Park was blocked by a rock-slide, and rather than take a 2.5-hr detour to top off a 1.5 hour drive, we just went to another campsite, Deep Creek, on the southern side of the park.

We set up camp by the creek, so that the site would be reserved and all ready for R&R when we got back. We set off on a 15.0-mi hike, hitting "the loop", Sunkota, part of the Mts-to-Sea Trail, Deep Creek, then back on the loop home. It was kind of hot, probably in the 70's, but certain sides of the mountain would have a rare cool breeze, and anywhere by the creek felt like AC. The water was icy cool. It was about 1,000 ft of elevation difference between the low and high points.

It was nice cross-training and a good way to get in some miles (not counted towards my total, but miles nonetheless) in a low-impact way. I was rolling for the first half. During the last half, though, I had some serious chafing issues that were pretty bad during that half, but I survived. We were hungry when we got back, and I was glad to finally have a bathroom to use after 15 miles.

My legs felt fine. My dad and I ate a lot to refuel, and we just talked over the campfire. After a couple of hours, I was ready for bed. The floor was hard and the night was pretty chilly, making sleep disrupted each time I turned in my sleep, but I was able to fall back asleep without trouble each time. The hike had been tiring.

5.0 in 41:05, 8:13 ave. Splits> 8:21, 8:27, 8:26, 8:06, 7:42. From mile 3.25 on, my rt knee was misaligned again, with problems on the lat knee usually when I overstrode. Speeding up seemed to help. I guess I was just fatigued for the first part, though. It was only an 8.0 weekly total mileage last week, so my legs needed to get used to running again. Also, ate too much immediately b/f the run, made the run uncomfortable, but got through. Wore 1224's w/ Arches.

@ work, left butt, maybe PF, very sore. strange, b/c usually, it's the rt.

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