Saturday, April 17, 2010

Apr 17

Finally got that LR in, exactly a week from race day. It was 77 degrees, but cloudy for about 2/3 of it, so it felt okay. 8.75 in 1:13:52, 8:26 ave... sweet, just about right. Splits> 24:23, 24:30, 24:58. It was an out-and-back x3, using flatter portions of the usual LR course. At that pace, I'd finish 13.1 in 1:50:32, just over goal time. Possibly not good enough, considering I was only going for 8.75 this time, but possibly good, considering the heat effect, hopefully.

The forecast for Nashville keeps changing. Yesterday, it looked like no rain, but now it's 60%... I'm hoping for rain. Sadly, though, temps are 58-85. Under 60's and I'll be happy.

So the run... my rt butt and tibialis anterior got numb at around mile 4. The other leg got numb much laer. I don't know what's wrong with me. I guess numbness is better than pain. No real problems, besides that. I took sips of 1/2 concentrated Cytomax... this was much better to swallow than the recommended concentration. The second and third times I hydrated, though, I just wanted pure water. That last lap was tough but doable, since it felt like another lap would go by quickly, and it pretty much did.

Afterwards, I had a protein drink and walked 2 miles roundtrip to the cleaner bathrooms. I had some brown rice then headed over to the v-ball court to meet my SS class for a cookout. Vball was fun, and my body still had a good amount of energy available. Then, we moved on to Ulty, 3 on 3, girls vs. guys. We were leading at first, 2:1, then the guys got their act together (or wanted to stop losing to girls and stopped holding back) and dominated. I got so tired from all that sprinting, though. 3v3 is tough, especially when guarding guys. It was fun playing with those five, though.

Food time. My body was almsot not hungry, it was so low on fuel from the 8.75 then vball then ulty sprints. I had mixed greens, rice and shrimp, and a bit of avacado, though. I tried doing some more vball after dinner, but my knees started feeling raw and low on cartelidge or something. I hope I didn't do any harm. A week from the race is not a time to take risks. You'd be proud - no layouts during ulty. Some diving at vball, but nothig damaging there.

So a good day hanging out with friends. My body will be happy to get some R&R tonight.

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