Saturday, April 2, 2011

Apr 2

Back from BA.  The project is just about over.  It feels strange, after having that as such a big part of my life for the past 7 months, and having spent a lot of time with my team for our on-site trips.  Some of them will continue to be part of the next phase of the project, for Mexico, starting next month.  Others, though, I will greatly miss.  It made me sad to think about it.  It won’t be the same without them.  I had a nice long run to just think about everything, though.  I brought my Shuffle, but I didn’t turn it on until the last 30 minutes or so.  I wanted time to think. 

I didn’t run at all in the past 9 days!  Going from a 5K PR to no running… phew.  Working 12 hr days for a straight 7 days makes it hard to get the run in.  Physically possible, but you gotta be fresh for work.  This was the final sprint of the project… all my energies were going there.  Also wanted to be able to spend more time with the team.  Like I mentioned in previous posts, this project has given me the feeling of being on a team that I’ve missed since graduating and not being in team sports anymore.  Now that the team is dissolved, it’s sad.  I still know and will get to work with some of them in other projects from time to time, but this team for this purpose is no more.  Perhaps with a little time and perspective, I’ll realize that it’s not a big deal.  For now, though, after the run, I printed pictures, which I’ll put up in my fairly bare office.  At work, I like to be 100% focused on work.  No distractions, and then I can relax when I go home.  I keep things segregated.  Although I need to do it sometimes, I’d prefer not to have to work some more after going home. 

So the run… started fast, since my legs were fresh.  All I got in last week was a 30 min bike ride.  Slowed down, but overall, I did okay, I guess.  I have a half marathon next weekend, and it will DEFINITELY not be a PR.  It’s said that a week of not running will make you lose 10% of your fitness.  I’m thinking about dressing up as a Spartan for the run, just for fun and to entertain others, since I’m not going to be competitive anyway. 

Wore the n1224s with Oxysox and the arches. 

11.9 in 1:35:30, 8:03 ave… pretty nice, I guess.  983 cal.  Oh yeah, I gained about a pound or two while I was in BA, probably because of the lack of exercise, less control over the timing and portions of my meals, and less sleep.  Not a big deal... my equilibrium will naturally come back once I get back into normal life. 

Splits> 7:11 b, 5:32 ps, 6:44 c, 6:56 p, 6:50 bl, 5:41 ps, 6:58 c, 7:10 p, 6:58 bl, 5:48 ps, 7:05 c, 7:09 p, 7:05 bl, 8:16 car.

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