Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Apr 6

Running is amazing. 

Before the run, I was soooooooooooooo tired.  I’ve been very tired this week… the months and months of having long hours at work, topped off by the BA trip have left me really tired.  I guess I was tired in the past, too.  I’ve been like this before, having to force myself out of a nap to get to the gym to squeeze in a run before it closes.  Painful getting out the door.  The running part is easy and totally transforms you.

Before the run, it’s utterly painful just to force yourself out of bed.  After the run, you’re awake and energized.  Before the run, you just want to stuff yourself with junk food to stay awake.  After the run, the thing you crave most is quality, nutrient-packed food… I wanted carrots more than anything else.  My body craved power-packed vitamins.  Power food.

Today, I needed to get a bit of speed, since it’s been a looong time since my last intervals session.  Couldn’t do too much, though, because the race is 3 days away, and I need time to recover/adapt from it.  I switched up my routine a bit.  I did shorter intervals and cut down on the number of reps to 2/3 of the usual, but the ratio of fast:slow running was about the same. 

Workout: 1 mi warmup @ 7mph, 4 x [0.3 @ 9mph, 0.2 @ 7.5mph], 0.5 mi cooldown @ 7.5mph + 0.5 @ 8mph.  Had a lot left in me, but saving it!  No body issues, happy to say.

4.0 in 30:41, 7:40 ave… not bad.

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