Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Apr 12

Cried 3x at work today... small, stupid things, probably.

Long night ahead, but got in a run...

6.5 in 52:35, 8:05 ave.

Treadmill for the first time in weeeeeks.  Wore 1225's, Oxysox.
Felt really good.  My lower legs had felt a bit banged up the past couple days, especially yesterday.  I went hiking on Sunday, just 6 miles, but my legs were tired from the previous day's race.  Today, they were all fine and ready to go, though.  I got a good workout.  Felt strong.  No issues.  Needed some physical stimulation today after work.

Splits> 8:31, 8:17, 8:11, 8:07, 8:02, 7:48, (50:28 10k), 3:35 for 0.5.

Whatever happens, all I can do is do my best for Jesus, in a manner that honors him and with an effort that pleases him.

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