Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mar 27

Endurance... work makes the marathon feel easy breezy.

30 min bike session in the hotel gym, non-recumbent bike... self-powered, which is cool.  I liked the range of motion on this guy.  It seems like an older bike, by the looks of it, but it works well.  It'd be cool if it could power something.  I heard that a bike in a gym in a year could charge 10 iPods... tiny.  Sounds incredibly tiny.  I don't know why it's so little.  1 Calorie is the energy required to raise ___ of water 1 degree.. maybe 1 cm3 or something... yup!  1 cm3 = 1 gram.  Eh... doesn't seem like it should take that much energy to warm it up.  My body releases a lot of heat, I feel like.  Oh, yeah... my heat isn't powering the bike... it's the movement.  Oh yeah... I read something like ___ of the energy used during running goes in to making heat, while only ___ goes into performing the motion.  And it was a suprisingly low percentage for the motion part.  Anyway, I liked the bike.  Although the angles of my knees were a little bit off.  Not terrible, though.  30 min was okay.

Oxysox, XC singlet, Paramount.  I wanted to run, since it's been 4 days, but the treadmills wouldn't turn on for some reason.  Yes, it was plugged in.  Yes, the switch was in the 'on' position.  Yes, I tried to flip switches in the room in case one was connected to the outlet.

But the bike was pretty good.  Level 5 on this bike wore me out... lots of resistance.  Normally with the recumbent bike back home, I go with level 9.  Don't know whether it's a matter of the bike model or the recumbent vs. not.  It worked me good. 

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