Monday, April 25, 2011

Apr 25

Had to choose... much-needed sleep (could've done 10 hrs easy), or fight every impulse to sleep and run instead?  Like always, ran.  Deciding to run instead of sleep is always the hardest part of the run.  Just a few seconds into the run, and the energy is back.

A decent run.  Right butt some minor hurts from sitting on the recumbent bike... maybe the combined inflammation of the bursa or piriformis or something, coupled with compressing it a certain way by sitting on it.  An upright bike would probably do me better.

Sped it up to make my outer right knee feel better.  Swinging my hips out more to land more in a line rather than in two parallel lines helped more than the speed did, I think.

Splits> 8:33, 8:23, 8:19, 8:09, 7:55, 7:38, (50:27 10K), 3:32 for 0.5.
6.5 in 52:34, 8:05 ave.

Iced afterwards.  There's been talk of icing (and aspirin) preventing beneficial swelling and recovery.  So I don't go out of my way to do it.  But I think I need to play it safe with my knee.  And if it's good enough for the elites, it's good enough for me... every now and then.

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