Monday, April 18, 2011

Apr 18

I kind of want to do this...

It's in the summer, so I won't be really racing or training all that hard.  It'll push me and make me face my fears.  It's exciting and has the element of the unknown.  It's hard-core.

Intervals today... knees fine.  It's about time for some speed work.  Last time I did any was a few days before the half marathon.  Wow, the half was only a week ago.  I guess considering the strain that that must've put on my body, even if it wasn't that noticeable, the tiredness last week was understandable.

Anyway, maybe I'll fully recover from that and have more energy.  Man, I was TI-RED today after work.  Dragged my body around the apt to do dishes, pick up a bit, make PANCAKES... MMMMM.

I made whole wheat banana chocolate chip almond pancakes.  They are awesome.  You'll have to come try them one day.  Smother them in sugar free syrup... delicious.  Giant pancakes.

So intervals... a great session, not particularly hard.  I haven't been pushing myself to my limits, since there's no race that requires taking those little risks.  So I go and do well, but it's not that hard, and I could do more, but I'll just do enough to make it comfortably hard.  Nothing near risky, though.  Just get a little burn, that's all. 

0.5 mi warmup @ 7.1mph-ish, 3 x [3/4mi @ 9mph, 1/4mi @ 7.5mph], 0.5 mi @ 8.5mph-ish.

My weight is definitely up.  Don't really look it, I guess, but it's a mental thing.  Performance is still good, though... better than ever, I suppose.  So it's strange. 

4.0 in 28:44, 7:11 ave.  Noice.

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