Sunday, April 17, 2011

Apr 17

A run... my knees were feeling a bit poundy a couple of times, but it was typically temporary.  I think I may have finally caught up on sleep after a nap today.  I usually take a million naps during the weekend... whenever my dad calls, it seems like I'm being woken up from one nap or another.

I'm excited HP came out.  It's been out 2 days now, and I've played it maybe at least 8 times already, seriously.  I've slept through the second half of it probably 5 of those times, though, just because I was tired.  For a couple of weeks at the beginning of the year, I watched HPs non-stop... I changed it up then... now, it's all #7.  I may throw in a 6 or 1 soon.

6.8 in 56:33, 8:16 ave.  There was a big storm with high winds this weekend, and the short trail part of my loop was completely blocked by downed trees.  I tried to move the trees, with no success, so I had to change it up.  While I was trying an alternate figure-8, I found a much more ankle-friendly path, that was there the whole time.  I'll be going that way from now on.  The downed trees were a blessing in disguise. 

8:14 for 0.9 (when I was doing the alternate path exploration)
6:23 for 0.75 (first time on the new path)
6:23 for 0.77
6:12 for 0.76
6:02 for 0.70
5:53 for 0.74
5:59 for 0.77
5:59 for 0.70
5:26 for 0.76 (woah!)

So the average of the new path... 0.743.  Pretty much the same, only now with much less risk of an ankle roll.  Woo-hoo!

I may have to do more hip-strengthening exercise and stretching to deal with this knee thing.  Strange that it has come back, even with this reduced mileage.  I had no issues when I was doing 30-mi weeks with 20-mi long runs.  Now, I don't even do half of that.

My heart felt like it had to work extra hard on this workout.. wasn't particularly fast, so dunno why.  Temps weren't that hot, either.  Eh....

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