Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2

It's May!?!

Garmin Total Run Stats> Time: 45:45, Ave Pace: 7.32/mi, Dist: 6.07mi, Cal: 360.

8:07 t (1.2 mi, 6:45/mi, 96 cal)
3:38 p (0.61 mi, 5:56/mi, 39 cal)
3:41 h (0.18 mi, 20:24/mi... clearly wrong, 17 Cal)
3:51 b (0.57 mi, 6:49/mi, 19 cal) - 19:18 here
2:31 wf (0.50 mi, 5:03/mi, 22 cal) - 21:49 for 3.06 miles here********** (pushed it)
2:48 b (0.27 mi... why so diff???, 10:16/mi, 18 cal)
4:09 h (0.60 mi, 6:58/mi, 33 cal)
3:51 p (0.52 mi... why so diff??? this one's right, 7:28/mi, 47 cal)
3:55 t (0.53 mi, 7:23/mi, 48 cal)
9:09 2 (1.09 mi... pretty diff!!, 8:25/mi, 21 cal)

I didn't end up doing strength (as an extra rest day after the full rest day following the 16) because an opportunity to make $10 came up, and when I thought about it, it meant essentially paying $10 to go to the gym to do stuff on a mat for 35 minutes... not worth it. I have a mat of my own that I could use later on even after the gym closes, if I was that desperate. So I had 2 full rest days. I HAD to run today, and I did, after watching some great performances from the mens and womens track teams. DL and LD represent, woot woot! By the way, they both have b-days close to mine - 2 and 5 days away. If only I had talent close to theirs, too. I'll take b-day, though.

I set out to do a 6 mile tempo, but ended up going pretty fast for the 3, so I decided to see how fast I could do the 3 and finished at a decent time. A little above my fastest. It was a net downgrade, but I didn't warm up, and I spent the morning hauling stuff. I feel pretty good about it. Today was a good day, and there's more good stuff to come.

Injury report: Left calf was cramped up during the two rest days - never happened before, wonder why. Mostly ok immediately before run. Post-run, cramped again. Also, usual pounding area on right knee a touchy post-run, but not as bad as post-16.

My pace was a bit slower than how I ran a full 7.5 back on 3/21/09 (where I seemed to be at my peak... maybe should've done that 3/21 National Marathon... oh well). However, I am about 9 minutes faster for this route than when I did it last time as a tempo run about 13 weeks ago. Granted, it was snowy back then, but 9 minutes for a 6-miler, for real?

Nasty but rewarding work at the Martin House project, clearing out an old house to be used for low income housing, perhaps? Black mold, old wet trash, spiderwebs.

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