Monday, May 18, 2009

20 Week Report

I had to turn down the mileage around weeks 13-15 because of thesis and poundy knees. I decided to pursue a more moderate and consistent plan with more staple runs of 6-8 miles in week 19, and it worked out well, giving me my highest mileage week of the year, and I felt like I could've done even more if scheduling had worked out.

Looking at cross-training, too, the basic pattern is the same. I am done with frisbee, though (woo-hoo), which means more time for running and less chance of injury, although at the end of week 19, I sprained my ankle with tug-of-war. It was high center of mass shoes. I need to learn not to make exceptions. I liked moderate-consistent and will keep it up. Week 20 would've been higher if my ankle wasn't sprained. I've averaged 2.475 mi/day, not including whatever I did in frisbee practices.

In terms of pacing, I've slowed since my peak at around mid-March. Sad. Could be a combo of more heat (I love 40's), less motivation, more injury (poundy knees mostly, making me more cautious).

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