Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25

Guess what... I may be getting a car soon that's called the Honda Fit. Hehe. So appropriate. It'll be my adventure car.

I did a 2.2-ish mile barely-faster-than-brisk-walking pace jog today w/ KJ and VH. Running with people was nice, but the mismatch of pace kind of hurts. I felt like I was getting the pounding of running without gaining any cardiovascular benefits. Eh well.

After a not-so-healthy lunch (meaning 1% milk and ham because they ran out of turkey), I took a long nap (still recovering from last week?). Then, a run to get miles in. Thought about a shop trip, but I was wearing my AMHS singlet already, and the weather felt decent, so I went out on a tempo. 7.5 miles in 56:11, making it a 7:29/mi pace. Given the 79 degree at 42% humidity heat, making a "feels like 80", not bad. And that was the hour later, so it might've been hotter during the run, like feels like 81 at least. Legs felt fine, thanks be to God. I made a special effort to stretch pre and post, although stretching kinda hurt post, just achey more than flexible.

Splits> 8:34 t, 3:52 p, 3:47 h, 4:02 b (20:16), 4:30 x, 2:43 wm (27:30 nice pace through the first half), 2:41 x, 4:29 b, 4:03 h, 3:50 p, 4:00 t (started dying), 9:33 2. I wanted to stop at the turnaround and at the base of the hill, but slowing down's better than stopping. Yes.

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