Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24

11:30am, 79 degrees, 62% humidity -> feels like 80. To think it'll be feels like 100 later in the summer! Oh man, that was brutal. Not even 1/2 a BM Pyramid - stopped b/f the 800. I even took a break b/f the 400's! It was 2.25mi in 16:03 (only a 7:06/mi pace! I guess it's okay... I'd just have to stretch that out by another 3/4 mi and speed it up to a 6:45 to hit my 5K target.), and if you add the 0.5 warmup, it was around 20 minutes in all. As a result of the heat, I didn't fully recover during the recovery jogs, even though I usually do when it's cooler.

Bllaaaaah heat.


11:00pm, 40 min strength. It's been 1.5 weeks, and exercises were much harder than usual. 1 week should be the max time between for me before I start losing it. Everything from pushups to 6 inches to even crunches were tough. One exception was leg lifts - those were fine. I also added quad dips and calf raises to strengthen my ankles and quads. Interestingly, my left ankle is a lot weaker than the right, even though the right one was sprained.

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