Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20

A light post-exam run. 2 hours of sleep + 3-hour exam at 9am + light lunch of yogurt and salad + shopping run. Got a Nike shirt (sleeveless, tight-fitting lightweight tech) and... 6 bars of chocolate.

Started out slow b/c still tight from the PR? Gradually sped up. Didn't feel much looser but felt like I could push the pace a little more. It's definitely slower running with a pack. Still tight by the end. Right knee felt a bit poundy, but not bad enough to need to stop or anything.

Splits> 10:52 t + about 400 sidetrack, 4:07 p, 3:56 h, 3:54 b, 2:33 wf, 5:46 b + about 0.3 mi, 4:25 h, 4:05 p, 4:12 t, 9:51 wright, 5:20 deb's. It's a 6.2+0.6+0.6 = 7.3. At 59:08 total, that's about 7:59/mi.

It's remarkable how tight and hurty I was today. Was it the tempo? Should quality workouts be limited more, since they require so much recovery? They do pay dividends, since I can feel my muscles adapting.

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