Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4

Yesterday: 30 min gym.

Today: Debated whether to run in the chilly rain, since my right knee gave hints of being aggravated, and it was raining. The other option would be to try to go to the gym later that night and maybe do the elliptical. I chose the run, and I'm so glad. It took a while for me to get out the door - it was after a 2 hour nap, and I was hungry from not eating much today, so I downed some food but wasn't quite satisfied.

Since it was 55 degrees and raining, I went out in a cotton long sleeve tee plus the Nike hoodie zip jacket and shorts, plus a visor for the rain. I shed the jacket after I reached the t, and I had to roll up my sleeves because it got hot. I went out just wanting to get in some miles, hoping first and foremost that I could run pain-free to w. I checked Daniels' Running formula for what's considered an Easy pace for someone of my VDOT level (50), and it was 8:34ish - seems fast when you compare it to my usual wright to t time of 9:40ish, when that's supposed to be about 1.15 miles. So not wearing my Garmin, I ended up feeling like I had to push it. Felt fatigued but strong coming up final hill. It helped to be listening to an inspirational podcast on Pre during the run. It had race commentary and everything.

Splits> 9:37 t, 3:54 p, 3:50 h, 4:04 b (21:27), 7:08 w (28:35), 2:44 x, 4:33 b, 4:04 h, 3:53 p, 3:43 t, 9:22 2. Total: 56:57, a 7:36/mi pace. So it wasn't quite E. It's actually closer to Marathon pace, which is supposed to be 7:17 - how am I suppsoed to do that for 26 miles??? Daniels thinks I can if I train for that distance, which would put me at a 3:15 finish time - what? I know, it's crazy. More on this in my Gear Guide for the book.

Cumulative mileage: 258.7 + 7.8 cruise interval + 16.2 + 6.1 wf tempo + 7.5 = 296.3.

Hungry for protein after, which I've been relatively deprived of besides dairy and whatever's in whole grains today. Knee feels fine for now. I stretched while I ate granola and yogurt (yet again) and a salad.

Oh, by the way, shoutout to VP, my Pton fitness partner in crime, who finished 2:01:09 in the NJ half.

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