Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 16

One last run / Goodbye run / Final kick: all good names, but whatever you call it, one of the highlights of my time at Pton for sure. Good time w/ LD - Stopped by Wr for flashlight, down to the stad roof for a tour (spiral was lit!), raced a 400 (makes me laugh to think about it - she graciously humored me), tread carefully thru night run (it was good that it was slower, to recover from the quarter) and to 2d for a quick fuel-up. Cool watching the thunder-less lightening illuminate the cloudy sky. A good time of friendship, fellowship, and fun to remember forever.

Splits> 12:05 spoon->stadium roof run, 1:14 400 (much faster than the 20x1:30 repeats - the first time I've ever timed myself on a single 400), 19:46 night loop to 2. Total: 33:05. Dist: 4.5 mi, based on a estimate (a little tricky to estimate due to the spiraly trip to the roof and back down). Pace: 7:21ish average, but there were definitely slower and faster portions.

Ankle felt fine. Maybe after 1 more solid run, I'll start strengthening it w/ heel raises and quad dips. I want to make sure it's runnable without pain before I start the pt (conventional wisdom may suggest doing the exact opposite) b/c I don't want to strain it and make it hurt through pt. I dunno. I've gotten over 15 miles on it so far, and it's holding up.

I wonder what my mile time would be like now. I haven't done intervals in so long. The last time I did anything at the track was the 20 quarters, and that must've helped, but it was so long ago. And it's hotter now. And I'm in worse shape now. And we haven't had an FC since the 5:59 mid-March, so there hasn't been the opportunity/ need to race it. I'm kinda scared to see it. I guess the worst case scenario is that it's 6:15-ish, which wouldn't bee the end of the world. I was 6:28 in January - yikes! (although that was coming off about 4 months of almost no physical activity). Hmmm... dare I try? Okay, maybe before graduation, since I may not be around a track for a while. It'll be a good progress checker. If it's bad, it'll be some place to build from over the summer. If it's good, holla. Yeah... I don't think I could PR in it now, but a check would be nice.

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