Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13

Sunday (day after injury): did 35 min gym in an active ankle just in case.

Today: Walking's okay, except my knee kinda feels like cartiledge is missing, and my right hip hurts, maybe because of poor posture doing Dean's Date work, or maybe because of wacky compensation for my ankle.

I thought running was worth a try, though, so I went out on an easy 7.5, at 7:52 pace. Right knee was a bit testy, but it held. "Feels like 69ish," so I went in a sports bra to stay comfy. I've been feeling fat. Yeah... I know, might not look it, and post-run and drink weight was 105ish, down 2 from when I was at the gym about 4 days ago. But I've been constantly feeling full for the past 72ish hours because I keep eating. Here's my difficult situation: body has just had a 35-mile week with a 14-mile long run, suddenly I'm injured and not running, causing emotional stress, plus none of the regular appetite management hormones caused by exercise, plus poor sleep because of Dean's Date, plus stress from Dean's date, plus usual emotional turbulence, so lots of things are causing my natural appetite management functions to not work, and I am stressed on top of that, and I may be at a point where my body thinks it needs fuel to run 14 miles each day - in either case, I shouldn't be eating as much as I am, since stress eating is never good, and I am not actually exercising if I'm injured. But I have been anyways. Constantly eating, and a fair bit of junk, too. Lots of protein and lots of fat, plus some simple carbs. Usually protein and fat are good, but I've had too much. I usually don't have that many simple carbs, either. And not having a bike anymore means much more walking. Loss of control...

Praise God, though, the run went okay. I'm icing just in case, my knees and ankle. And the podcast I listened to during the run was on being injury free. It listed good exercises to do, and they sound easy and reasonable, so I may just do them!

Splits> 9:34 t, 4:07 p, 4:01 h, 4:18 b (22:02), 4:46 x, 2:51 w (29:40... slow, but I'm taking it easy and can always go fast on the way back If I feel like it), 2:49 x, 4:47 b (liking these splits!), 4:18 h (and again!), 4:04 p, 4:04 t, 9:16 w. Judging from this, it looks like it takes me about a mile to get warmed up.

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