Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mar 19

After the race + a nap...

Run again!

Getting in miles for the week.  Also, practicing running on tired legs, to simulate the later miles of a longer race.

Went back to the local sports fields park... haven't gone there in a long time, because I didn't want to risk rolling my ankles on the tricky footing during marathon training, and th loop there is short and not suitable for really long runs.  Also, during the winter, there wasn't enough daylight to go there for shorter runs mid-week, and I wanted to save on gas that would've been used to get there.

I wanted some outside time, though, and I wanted to work my ankles on uneven terrain a bit.  Went at 6:30pm, 71 degrees, threatening to rain, but it didn't.  Wore my Garmin.  It was a nice run.  The loop I do is 90% grass/mulch, so it's pounding-friendly, and you get the full feeling of being outdoors.  I listened to podcasts and just worked hard.

5.8 in 47:59, 8:16 ave, 479 cal. 

1. 0.65 mi, 6:24, 9:53/mi
2. 0.80 mi, 6:05, 7:38/mi
3. 0.74 mi, 6:02, 8:10/mi
4. 0.72 mi, 6:02, 8:21/mi
5. 0.70 mi, 6:03, 8:39/mi
6. 0.72 mi, 5:57, 8:13/mi
7. 0.74 mi, 5:50, 7:57/mi
8. 0.73 mi, 5:32, 7:35/mi

Such variance in initial mileage counts... 0.725 is the average loop distance, though.  Pushed it towards the end.  I always wonder a bit if I can eek out another lap, but it always ends up feeling easy once I start.  So always go for that extra lap, haha.

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