Friday, March 11, 2011

Mar 11

So long since I've run... last run was Monday, and today is Friday.  My left inner achilles had given me issues for a couple of days, and then work was ridiculous.  One all-nighter, and the next day, I conked out at 7pm for a 1 hr nap but didn't wake up until 2am, and once up, I did stuff (dishes, cleaning my apt) until I napped 30 minutes and snoozed 30 min and then forced myself to get up and go to work.

I got new shoes today :) :) :)  Saucony A4's.  I was excited.  So it was a good day to have the time to run again.  I got to test them out.  I think I'm going to put up Gear Guides for my shoes at some point.  I do want to get some more experienc in my A4s before I do a full report.  But for now... it's cushiony and good-looking (bright yellow) and light.  Good by me!  It also has track-like treads that grip well, plus a tighter toebox.  One negative is that its heel counter is really tall, so I may get blisters where it's rubbed my ankles.

I did a speed session, to get my run in before my parents would arrive, and to get bang for buck, and to get in some speed before next weekend's XC race (looking forward to that), and to not have to slug through 5 mi of slowness.  Intervals make it interesting.

1 mi warmup @ 7.0mph, 3 x [3/4 mi @ 9mph, 1/4 mi @ 7.5mph], 1/2 mi cooldown @ 8+mph.

4.5 in 33:16, 7:23/mi.  And I had more in the tank (could've done another rep), but I didn't want to have to jump out of it mid-way in case my parents called, so I wrapped it up after 3 and did the cool-down.  I'm probably my fittest yet, intervals-wise.

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