Monday, March 21, 2011

Mar 21

That run in the park two days ago was rough on my ankles.  I had rolled it a little bit twice, but not seriously enough to think much of it.  I could really feel it yesterday and today, though, even just walking.  Bones or tendons or something would snap in place in my left foot when I moved it to certain angles.  Wasn't sure how the run would go today, but had to try.  Running is just what the foot needed, though, to get back to normal... strange how that works when stuff is a bit ot of place or stiff or sore... working it makes it go away. 

4.5 in 35:48, 7:57 ave.  Eh... I was looking for something better, but okay.  My knees may be on the verge of getting a bit poundy, so I may need to get on that PT for sure tomorrow.  Not sure why.  So I had to play it safe at 4.5.  Speeding up did help, but at some point, just gotta say "good enough for today".  My ankle's still a bit tender at certain angles, but at least now, 30 min after the run, feeling better than it was before the run. 

Before the run, I had taken a 2 hr nap before I was rudely woken up by the alarm that signaled that I had a little over an hour left befoe the fitness room would close.  Before that, coming home and eating a ton and falling into a food coma.  Blah. 

Press on.

Splits> 8:32, 8:06, 7:50, (25:16), 7:40, 3:38 for 0.5.

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