Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mar 23

Wooh, made it through the week.  Got in a last run before BA.  Don't know how much run time I'll get there this time, since we won't get back until it's late every night.  Ran outisde, to enjoy the sunshine.  No ankle rolls this time, although I think my body might be tired... just felt a bit slow today.  Good otherwise, though.

6.0 in 50:10, 8:25 ave... not terrible.  Whatever.  Enjoyed the run, got to run... that's what's important.  Wore n1224's w/ Oxysox.  I had to cut it off at 8 laps, since my knees got really poundy at certain points in the last lap.  Need to do my PT exercises!  Tomorrow morning, hopefully.  494 cal.

1. 0.73 9:00/mi 6:32
2. 0.72 9:00/mi 6:29
3. 0.74 8:38/mi 6:23
4. 0.73 8:45/mi 6:21
5. 0.81 7:55/mi 6:22
6. 0.74 8:22/mi 6:13
7. 0.80 7:38/mi 6:06
8. 0.69 8:12/mi 5:41

Ave dist, 0.745.

Off to finish cleaning my apt, packing, wooooorrrrking.  May nap before working.

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