Monday, March 7, 2011

Mar 7

4.4 in 35:06, 7:59 ave.  Ate waaaay too much at dinner.  My cardio systems are ready fo a long run, but my left achilles is strained, and dinner was too big.  So 4.4 was it. 

Splits> 8:25, 8:08, 7:57, (25:18 5k), 7:39, 2:55 for 0.4.

Wore the old NB1224's, UA calf sleeves... speaking of calf sleeves, during the 5k race, one of my Oxysox slipped down... definitely a good choice to go with Calf Sleeves for the Marathon.  The UA calf sleeves are a bit tight at the top cuff, but not uncomfortably so.  Maybe it affects performance, but at least it's not distracting like having one sock on and one sock off is.  Also wore a 50/50 tech/cotton shirt, since there were people around.  70 degrees in the gym.  Busy week this week.  Workouts are something to look forward to.

Iced in the pool afterwards, to try to help my left achilles and aid in general post-race recovery. 

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