Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mar 2

Gonna gun-shot this post because I've been awake for a while and NEED to go to bed.

Ran 5.0 in 40:48, 8:10 ave.  Progression run> 8:22, 8:18, 8:14, 8:02, 7:50.  In the first mile, my knees felt a bit bangy, maybe from all the downhill on Sunday, but it got better as time went on.  Dunno if it had to do with warming something up or getting some lubrication or some kind of biochemical activation going on, or if the feeling was just masked, but it got less noticeable. 

I'm racing on Saturdayyyyyy, 5K.  Very excited.  Need to sleep so that I can do well.  Tomorrow's going to be the important night for getting sleep.

The run went well.  It was after a big dinner out, but it was over an hour afterwards (although I did have the oreo crust of a PB pie later on... couldn't resist te chance), but I wa fine.  The run felt really good.  Wore the Brooks Trance 8's, which don't have much cushioning - maybe that made my knees a little poundier than they normally would've been.  A nice run.  Love it.

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