Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dec 28

A long stint without running... 5 days.  Disney and Universal were fun, but towards the end of the first day, my right outer arch started having some major pain with each step.  Strange, that simple [but plentious] walking caused it.  We went to three parks in 1 day on the first day and walked a tonnnnn.  It might've been the shoes I chose - the Progrid, without arches.  I thought going around without arch supports would help to strengthen my feet, but maybe a bad decision.  It was pretty bad, and I was concerned about whether I had ruined my Houston shot.

It didn't get any better over the next three days.  But with so long without running, I had to try to run.  It worked okay.  Some pain/stiffness/vibrations from what seems to be a loose strand of something in my foot.  But it was manageable.  15.5 in 2:09:22, 8:21 ave.  Just under MP.  Wore Kinvaras, shades, a visor, and my Boston tech tee.  Gloves for the first mile, since it was in the 40s.  Would've preferred shoes w/ arch supports, but I left those in Gvl, since I didn't think I'd have any issues.  No water, no fuel.  No water was fine, since it was cold, but I did get just a wee bit glycogen-deprived in the brain the last couple miles, but it wasn't bad or anything. 

Definitely slowed down a I went.  I went out fast b/c it was cold and I was excited to run and make up for lost training time.  Splits> 18:01, 18:07, 17:55, 18:32, 18:41, 19:01.

Foot... just the normal pain, I guess.  Quads finally got worked.  They don't get worked much walking, but the calves do. 

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