Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec 16 - p

3rd run in BA.  This time, outside!  I had scouted it out walking around yesterday, when I was walking around to take in some of the sights and find a place to have dinner.  The ecological preserve had just closed when I got there, but I still got to run on the dirt path alongside it, and it was a nice run.  I felt like I wasn't going very fast for the first 3+ miles, maybe b/c of the grass, maybe b/c my body is exhausted from a lack of sleep and stressful workdays.  But once I got to the pavement in the last half mile, I turned it on.

The weather was surprisingly cool for summer... still warm but not at all uncomfy.  I went out in my singlet, plus the Shadow Pak (very handy) holding a credit card and cash.  After dinner, I found Freddo, and ice creamy place where I got the light chocolate trifecta (3 toppings - I picked almonds, what looked like choc nibs but were probably chocolate covered cake crumbs or somethng, and berries).  A nice way to end a run. 

4.3 in 36:06, 8:24 ave.  Not bad, I guess.  I felt slow and heavy-legged.  Dunno if it's the marathon training making me slow, or all the food I've been having.  My splits are kind of meaningless.  I just took them to help me later trace my route on, by marking my times (from which I can guess distance) at various monuments.  But I meandered a bit.  I'm glad I finally got to take in a bit of the city on fast foot, though. 

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