Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec 11

At the airport off to Buenos Aires.  I have 16 scheduled for today and 20 scheduled a week from now.  Fortunately, the flight works out so that I can run right before I leave, and run right after I get back and still stay on schedule.

I did 15.3 today... cut it short b/c my right butt/hip has been somewhat injured, so I didn't want to take it too far.  Plus, they turned off the water at the water fountain I've been using.  Boo.  So I was getting a little thirsty towards the end.  The rest was okay.  No biggie, esp b/c it was like 53 degrees at most. 

Ate 2/3 a Larabar, 5 Jelly Belly Sport beans.  Beforehand, had eel, some oatmeal, and cherry juice.  The study on cherry juice had people drink it before their bike session, so I tried "before" this time.  No pain, and surprisingly limited pain from he hip, so I'm happy.  Oxysox, Kinvaras - nee some longer runs in them to determine if they're really able to take me through 26.2.  Today was fine.

15.3 in 2:13:02, 8:42 ave.  Splits> 8:07 b shortened now that there's a bridge, 6:20 p short, 7:49 c, 7:50 p, 7:43 b long, 6:30 p short, 7:47 c, 7:46 p, 7:32 b long, 6:20 p short, 7:34 c, 7:33 p, 7:37 b long, 6:13 p short, 7:26 c, 7:26 p, 7:18 b long, 8:04 c.  Definitely a progression run.  Goods to see I was speeding up, and not slowing down.  Legs could've gone farther, but wanted to take it easy for the hip's sake.

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