Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jan 1

First run of the year!
I was originally going to bike, since my right foot is still messed up.  Wearing shoes (normally, I go around the house barefoot) felt more comfortable, though, so I went out in an old pair of Asics Gel Evolution 2's.  The first pair that I ever got (I've had 4 total).  I was slow.  I don't know if it's the heat/humidity (even on New Year's day), or if I'm out of shape.  Some heat, is my guess, but also probably some out of shapedness.  I only ran once in the past week, up until today's run.  It was a 15.5 that I eeked out on a bad foot (which is probably why this is taking a while to heal?  although maybe moving/working it helps a little?), but still.  My heart was working hard.  I probably should've gone farther than I did (4.4 mi), but I was tired since it had been so long since my last run, and I didn't want to risk any further damage.  Maybe I'll do a bike session later today, or schedule a 6.6 for tomorrow.

It felt good to move again, thouh.  Strange that running is more comfortable than walking.  Out in a sports bra even on Jan 1st... nice.

4.4 in 34:52, 7:55.  Forgot to get the split.


Got in a 30 min biking session before making a special New Year's dinner for my family. 
First, the biking session.  I like my CHS subdivision's recumbent bike.  It gives you a good range of motion and good, smooth resistance.  I did 30 minutes, covering 244 Cal, 8.8 mi, with a HR going from 138 to 172bpm.  It was a tough, good sweat session. 

For dinner, I made a Tofurkey Roast, which comes with brown rice stuffing and gravy, to which you add sweet potatoes, onions, and carrots.  I also made Broccoli as a side dish to add some color and provide the meal's Vitamin C.  It was really good, especially with green tea.

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