Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dec 19

My 2nd 20!  20.1 in 2:56:51, 8:48 ave.  Napped, woke to run.  Still recovering from lack of sleep last week and on the flights, but I felt okay.  Kept eating this morning.  Dunno if it's stress/sadness, or if I was subconsciously prepping for the 20.  Would've slept longer, but with sunset at 5:15, had to get going.

Wore a singlet and arm warmers... only had the arm warmers and lite gloves in the first mile.  Also carried water on my Nike belt... 12oz.  Didn't drink it all.  Stashed it about 2 miles into the run, so that I wouldn't have to pound with it the whole way.  Ate 2/3 a gel about halfway in.  Didn't really need anything beyond that.  Efficient, I guess.  Only needed about 6 oz of water b/c it ws cold.  Oxysox. 

- Outer right knee was nagging for the first 3 miles.  Had to stop and stretch it out, b/c it would be terrible to continue irritating it for 20 miles.  Stretching seemed to help make it go away, thankfully.  Making up for a missed 20 would be tough.
- Wanted to stop after 5 miles for some reason... don't remember what was wrong, but I kept going, somehow.
- The run got much easier after the halfway point and I felt like I just sped it up from there.  Strange.
- Rolled my inner left ankle pretty hard 2 hrs into the run.  Tough to keep running on it for a couple of miles, then it got better. 

Splits> 8:23 b, 29:21 lap, 29:12 lap, 29:54 lap, 29:27 lap, 28:56 lap, 13:32 minilap, 8:06 car.

Took it easy at the beginning, which helped me finish so trong.  Plus, I think I'm gaining endurance.  Probably couldn't run something speedy right now in a 5k, but I've had to focus on keeping myself healthy enough for the long runs.  Speedwork is risky.  No racing for the same reason.  Looking to the long term.

Good run, though.  Glad I somehow got over the 3 potential show-stoppers.

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