Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec 14

Run 2 in Buenos Aires (unfortunately, on a treadmill and not in the nature preserve... but at least I can see the tops of the trees in the nature preserve from the 14th floor gym).  But still cool.  It's a nice gym, with a big screen TV an a water cooler.  The equipment works well... 2 treadmills with built-in fans, plus an elliptical and something else - probably a bike?  The equipment was even better than the ones by the Philadlphia airport... same model and everything, I think, but in good condition here.

Blah... tired.  Falling more and more behind on sleep.  Blah.

Today, we didn't linger for a 2.5 hour dinner like before... only about an hour plus a little, so I had an hour and a half to get ready for a run. 

10k in 52:31 on the usual 1 degree treadmill, 8:27/mi.  Hmm...  felt difficult for the first 40 minutes b/c my food was still digesting.  I thought I had finished my meal 30 min before... but I guess I usuall need about an hour after a big meal to run comfortably, so I guess the 40 minutes after I started was reasonable.  I guess all the blood flow diverted to my tummy and the abs needed to keep everything in place made the running feel  like it was harder.  I started feeling much better after the 40 minutes... much better.

K splits> 5:20, 5:19, 5:19, 5:19, 5:19 (26:39 5k), 5:19, 5:19, 5:16 (42:35... as you may guess), 5:09, 4:47.

Last time, my heart felt clogged/ I felt out of shape... probably more the lack of running than the food I ate.  I really didn't eat that badly... just 2 not that lean steaks, plus 2 desserts, plus another dinner with lots of red meat.  This time, it's been very good so far.  The only things that I usually don't eat are the small amounts of cream that might've bee used in the saffron sauce that my trout was served with yesterday, the au gratin for lunch totday that seemed pretty straightforward with potatoes and some eggs and probably not much cream, and perhaps ghee in my dal at the Indian place today.  So good.  I'm eating 3 big meals, instead of my 7 small meals.  My body's used to going longer periods without food, though.  Started as my mileage increasesd / weight dropped.  Maybe my metabolism just slowed some.  Dunno.  I don't think I overcompensate later on or anything, so it's fine.

Eeehhhh, have to work... but it's 11:30pm. 

Each work day lasts for a long time.  Today was faster.  Got more into a groove.  Less stressing out.  Only Tuesday!  Yesterday, it was like "only Monday!" - felt like 3 days worth of activity.

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