Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec 22

Back home today.  Did 3 loops... seemed daunting at first, b/c I was tired from lots of work in the past couple of days, plus travel.  It was too soon after dinner, though, and my tummy was very uncomfortable.  Very uncomfortable, even after the one hour mark.  Oh well.

Did a fartlek b/c it's been a while since my last speed session.  More than 3 weeks ago.  It's been tough, between recovering from my first 20, then the hip injury, and travel and work.  I rather enjoy track workouts, but for some reason, fartleks seem harder to me.  Maybe because there's no real metric for how hard you're going.  With the track, you have target paces or well-defined distances.  On the treadmill, you either manage the speed of the machine, or you fly off or quit.  With fartleks, it's hard to say if you're pushing hard enough, or not hard enough.  And at the end, there's not as much of a sense of accomplishment, b/c it wasn't very measureable.

It was alright, though.  It's good to mix up workouts.  I did a mile warmup, then about 4.7 miles worth of 2:20ish on, 3:20ish off.  6.6 (really 6.675, I think, but let's be conservative) in 52:29, 7:57 ave.  Better than I thought.  But I guess when you take into account the speedy parts, it's about right.

My hip was strained a bit by the workout.  I'd like to get another one in tomorrow morning, but that may not happen.  We're headed out to Orlando.  So that means I'll probably have to postpone this week's 16er as well.  It'll be okay.  It takes a while to recover from the 20 anyways.  I had 2 days of total rest, and I felt pretty good today.

Wore Kinvaras and my XC singlet, plus oxysox.

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