Monday, February 25, 2008

Feb 25

Feels odd calling this a new day, since it had just 2 hrs of sleep, but here goes...

600: Six Cookies of Oreo Outsides; Pack of Goldfish... healthiest breakfast I've had in a while
1115: Black Sweet Rice, Wheatberries, and Brown Rice; Balsamic Mushrooms; Soymilk (v)
1245: Green & Black's 70% Dark Chocolate
200: Fair Amount of Bite-Sized Tostito's; Optimum Rebound Banana-Flax-Almond Cereal
615: Plain Soymilk; Some Optimum Rebound Cereal; Some 70% Green & Black's Dark Chocolate; Some Tostito's... missing fresh-cooked veggies
845: Broccoli & Mushrooms; Sweet Beans
1145: Sweet Beans; Broccoli & Mushrooms; 1.5 Egg Whites

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