Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sep 1

Another run scheduled for today... I suppose a bike or strength session would've been fine too.  But my run yesterday was a bit of a bust, and my running totals for the last 2 weeks were 8.1 and 7.1 miles (yes... weekly total, not for a single run).  So my legs were fine with (and wanted) some more mileage. 

I was going to attempt maybe a 5er or something, but I had just woken up from a nap and was still SUPER tired.  My legs were like "uhhh, don't wanna slog through a longer than normal run with heavy legs".  My legs seemed to want intervals a little bit, though, so I switched from the clunkier NB 1225 motion control shoes to my Saucony Fastwitch for a speed session.

Felt good and fast to have light shoes on my feet.  The gym was also much cooler than temps I've been running in all month.  69 degrees.   Woo hoo! 

4.0 in 29:16, 7:19 ave. 
1 mi warmup (0.5 @ ~7.2mph, 0.5 @ 7.5mph), 4 x [0.5 @ 9mph, 0.25 @ 7.5mph).

It felt not too hard, but I was tired, so I stopped at the end of that instead of pushing on.  It's my normal interval session, so I shouldn't feel bad about stopping there, but I feel like I could've done more (similar to yesterday).  I don't know why it's bugging me if it was a decent workout. 

I have a theory, though.  I normally don't follow a training plan.  I make it up as I go along each day.  I may have an idea of what I want to attempt in the next 3-7 days each day, but the mileage will depend on what my legs feel like doing.  Marathon training last year (16 wks) was the first time I had ever followed a plan.  Anyway... usually, I stop running when a niggle in my leg gets bad enough that I think it's too much of a risk to continue (exception: long runs, where I may stop just b/c it's far enough and I'm tired and my legs can't handle much more).  So for once, it seems that my tiredness is the limiting factor, not a niggle.  And stopping due to tiredness seems more like giving up, vs. being forced to stop due to a nagging baby-injury.  That's why I was beating myself up about it a little.  But it's actually a good thing that I'm getting through these workouts with relative comfort other than tiredness.  I guess the limited mileage in the past 6ish weeks have helped my legs get refreshed a bit.  I guess it's better to have to stop due to tiredness than to have to stop due to injury.  I should consider it a blessing.

Now to just have some time to pay off my sleep debt...

Work's been stressful.  When I get home, I want junkier foods to give my brain an endorphins hit.  I need to pace myself a bit more and let the fullness sink in a little before going on to the next course.  Or something... I dunno.  I just feel like I may be over-doing it a bit. 

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